I’ve closed more doors than I can count
but still people are drawn to me
like moths to an open flame.
‘Look at that girl,
look at how she wears her sadness so well.’
But it is not an accessory I can easily take off.
My pain does not make me interesting,
it just makes me human.
Tina TranHuman (via absentions)
I am really interested in silence. In inarticulacy also, which isn’t the same as silence. As a performer I like looking at the gaps between what people want to communicate and what they can communicate. I love good filmmaking that isn’t just about really proficient writers of dialogue, who think that everybody’s really articulate and everybody can hear each other really well. That doesn’t feel true to me, actually. I mean, that’s a fantastical universe.
Tilda Swinton (via pre-raphaelites)